Who is authorized to view my personal data?

Associates and Companies are able to view an anonymous version of your profile, including your nickname, avatar, bio, company reviews, company endorsement, score and rank.
Administrators and Companies you have interacted with are able to view your full profile data, including your full name, English language level, abroad experiences, grades average, graduation mark and curriculum vitae in addition to the previously mentioned.
No one can directly see your gender info, however Companies reserve the right to organize gender specific events and your gender information will be used as application requirement. These events will be clearly labelled as gender specific.

How do I earn points in the ranking?

Points are rewarded for participation in our events. You can find more information about scores and ranking on the about events page.
Additional points could be rewarded on special occasions to those willing to help the Association. Keep following us on our social media channels to keep up with these opportunities.

Can I loose points in the ranking?

Yes, no-shows and late cancellations bring a malus to your score. Particularly, if you cancel your accepted application within 48 hours before the start of the event you will loose the same amount of points you would have earned if you had attended the event. No-shows will loose twice the expected points.

What is a SCOUT event?

You can find more information about our events on the about events page.

How is SCOUT structured?

SCOUT's structure consists of three main boards:
Management Board: members of this board define SCOUT’s strategies and take executive decisions.
Advisory Board: it is a senior board of professionals, professors, managers, consultants who are willing to help the Association by offering their advice and experience.
Talent Board: The board is represented by at most 10 students, respecting gender equality, who have operative responsibilities such as the organization of some events, social media marketing and company reporting.

How can I participate in your events?

Each category of event has a dedicated section in our about events page. You can find further information about the application process there.

How can I become part of the Talent Board?

Members of this board are selected every year among SCOUT’s most notable associates namely the ones who have laureated themselves in motivation and performances. There is a two-steps admission process: to be eligible you must be a top ranker, proving your strong motivation, and you also have to take on our challenge. This consists of an interview with a qualified professional who will have the definitive word on your intake.

How can I apply for an event?

Once you find the event you are interested in on the featured events page, open the event page and click on the “Apply to this Event” button. This will send your request to the Company who is hosting the event if it is a workshop or seminar, and to our system which will process it following a first-come first-serve logic. You can find further information about the application requirements on the about events page.

How can I cancel my application?

This action is very simple, you need to go on your Dashboard and select Event Applications. Here you can cancel or see which applications are pending, confirmed or rejected. You can cancel the application until 48 hours before the event start.

How can I contact you?

We are willing to hear from you about suggestions, bugs, questions and curiosities. You are welcome to contact us preferably on our social media, you can also contact us by email. You can find the references at the bottom of each page of the website.

Why nicknames and avatars?

This unique feature of SCOUT is set to stimulate a bit of competition, especially with yourself. This way, the other Associates can’t identify your profile. This is to preserve your Privacy and to foster participation in a “gaming” mode. About the avatars, well, who wouldn’t want to be a Pokémon*

*big things coming soon.